Podcast: Cotiviti SVP Rachael Jones on the power of predictive data

For health plans to best understand the makeup of their membership population, predict risk burden, and close care gaps, they must utilize early, accurate, and predictive insights. Cotiviti senior vice president of performance analytics and quality, Rachael Jones, recently appeared on the Healthcare Weekly podcast to discuss how advanced data and analytics are fueling responses to COVID-19 and resulting in more informed decision-making in healthcare overall. Listen to her interview right here on the Cotiviti blog:

"I do think that there is an overwhelming demand for us to get smarter about how folks individually use the healthcare system. We need to provide mobile, interactive tools that can be taken anywhere so we’re not locked into a four-walls model. And we need to think about how to use things like fitness devices or in-home scales to gather information and understand where we need to intervene and provide better care in a way that’s a lot more personalized and allows us to meet folks where they are."

For more from Rachael, read her article on how payers can use advanced analytics to develop long-term disease management strategies in this challenging environment.


Tom Betar
As corporate communications specialist, Tom engages with Cotiviti’s audience through social media and other digital platforms. He has previous experience writing about healthcare and technology and has produced award-winning articles for the Deseret News in Salt Lake City, Utah. Tom studied journalism and holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from the University of Utah.

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