Webinar: A data-driven approach to value-based payment

For too many Americans, healthcare is becoming increasingly unaffordable as medical inflation outpaces increases in wage earnings. To address this challenge, many health plans are looking to move from fee-for-service payment to a value-based compensation model that discourages inefficient use of healthcare resources and rewards providers who deliver high-value care. But there are many layers to this process, as Arkansas BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) discovered firsthand.

Register for our June 3 webinar with Steve Spaulding of Arkansas BCBS as he joins Cotiviti to discuss how our organizations partnered to create a value-based care payment model—and the unexpected success it had in changing market perception.

Our webinar will cover:

  • How Arkansas BCBS navigated the path to value-based payment
  • How to productively collaborate with providers on your value-based care program
  • How Cotiviti’s Network Intelligence solution helps plans like Arkansas BCBS put data into action

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By reducing costly and unnecessary services and shifting providers’ focus from volume to value, health plans can foster higher-value care and help reverse the trend of rising healthcare costs.



Mac Davis
Mac is the director of solution design at Cotiviti and has extensive experience working with payer and provider organizations to strategically optimize the delivery of high-value care and alternative payment models.

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