Q&A: Leadership lessons from Cotiviti VP Nicole Neumarker

Whether due to lack of opportunity or the perpetuation of old stereotypes, women continue to face barriers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers, particularly around securing leadership positions. In an interview published in Authority Magazine, Cotiviti vice president of research and development Nicole Neumarker shares her perspective on this issue, shaped by decades of success working for top technology companies.

Read the interview for Nicole’s salient lessons to female leaders, solutions to persistent obstacles, and anecdotal evidence illustrating how changes to antiquated mentalities can lead to powerful results. 

“I’m not at all satisfied with the status quo. There is a lot of media attention, articles, and studies around women in leadership positions, yet very little around how to shift the balance. The most interesting data I’ve seen is around the fact that because women are given fewer opportunities for that first management role, there are subsequently fewer women in more senior roles. The more women we can move into line level management roles, the greater the odds of them moving into senior leadership roles as they progress throughout their careers.”

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Tom Betar
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