Podcast: Cotiviti VP Nicole Neumarker on team leadership in tech

As the enterprise technology sector continues to undergo precipitous growth and change, leaders in this space must recognize the skill sets and attributes that engender high-performing teams. In a recent podcast interview with Change Wave, Cotiviti's senior vice president of research and development, Nicole Neumarker, asserts that success is no longer achieved by technical coding skills alone—the abilities to collaborate, maintain a growth mindset, and solve problems with confidence make for the highest-performing teams.

"I fundamentally believe that software development, engineering, and most technical endeavors are interdependent with many people. It’s never one person solving for everything.”

In her wide-ranging interview, Nicole explains her approach to leading technical teams and shares her perspective on relevant topics, including:

  • How automation of routine tasks frees employees to tackle more complex problems
  • How technical teams can foster inclusion and diversity
  • How project management skills are key to translate business objectives into viable technologies

Listen to the full interview below:


Tom Betar
As corporate communications specialist, Tom engages with Cotiviti’s audience through social media and other digital platforms. He has previous experience writing about healthcare and technology and has produced award-winning articles for the Deseret News in Salt Lake City, Utah. Tom studied journalism and holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from the University of Utah.

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