Dr. Emad Rizk on the opportunities, challenges of AI in healthcare

The increasing digitization of healthcare data has set the stage for the industry to adopt artificial intelligence on a much wider scale than before. In a new interview with Integrated Healthcare Executive, Cotiviti CEO Emad Rizk, M.D., explains how AI improves healthcare quality across the entire population and reduces administrative burden, waste, and fraud. He also emphasizes the importance of protecting privacy and security as AI is implemented.

“I do think that healthcare right now is at the best point where we can leverage electronic medical records and all digitized data. As we have become much more digitized, year over year, this ensures seamless and more reliable data inputs, which creates a better output.”

Read his interview to learn:

  • How stakeholder collaboration in the public and private sectors influences AI adoption
  • How AI drives action on previously “dormant” data
  • How accurate and complete data sets drawn from multiple sources are critical for AI success

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Tom Betar
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