Case study: Coordination of benefits (COB) results soar for large national plan

Health plans face a major challenge in acquiring valid and accurate enrollment data to coordinate benefits in a timely manner. The complexity of coordination of benefits (COB) makes overpayments more likely to occur when information gaps develop between plans, which can increase the burden on internal resources.

The evidence for the effectiveness of retrospective review is strong—but recovering funds after payments are made is an intricate and tedious process. By combining retrospective COB with prepay review, plans can increase value by catching errors before claims are paid.

As the only pause-and-review solution on the market, Cotiviti's comprehensive prospective COB validation solution delivers value beyond data assets, identifying complex and challenging scenarios, increasing savings, and decreasing administrative costs.

Read our case study to learn how one national plan benefitted from prepay COB by:

  • Increasing prepay COB savings by 200x since program inception
  • Realizing prepay savings on 99% of identifications
  • Lowering its internal resource burden 

Read the case study

Discover the value you could be missing without a comprehensive COB program. Check out our resources for more information on how to implement a highly successful COB strategy. 


Evan Okulanis
Evan supports Cotiviti's Coordination of Benefits (COB) Validation solution as vice president of operations. He has more than 11 years of experience with Cotiviti's COB solution and is responsible for the strategy and value delivery of our COB team across both prepay and postpay.

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