On-demand webinar: Improving coordination of benefits with a member-centric approach

Health plans of all sizes often struggle to acquire valid and accurate member data to coordinate benefits in a timely manner. And unpredictable circumstances, such as major illness or job loss, impact how coordination of benefits (COB) rules are applied and often create gaps in information between members, providers, employers, and payers. This can create uncertainty about what is covered and who is responsible for payment.

If you’re looking for better COB results in 2021, join me and other Cotiviti payment leaders by watching our on-demand webinar. We’ll explain how to optimize your COB processes to account for variable member life events, helping ensure proper COB determinations by:

  • Looking beyond claims to see the whole member experience
  • Performing focused and intentional member selection
  • Using predictive analytics and expert experience to address complex billing scenarios
  • Integrating prospective and retrospective payment integrity processes

Watch the webinar

By designing a COB process predicated on the lifecycle of your members, rather than just claims, you can address and resolve payment issues earlier—often before claims are received or paid.


Sean Henderson
As senior vice president of coordination of benefits, Sean Henderson oversees operations for Cotiviti’s prospective and retrospective COB Validation solutions. Before joining Cotiviti in 2012, he held many senior roles in finance, bringing a deep background in auditing to the organization.

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